vCO attach/apply host profile with params

Does anyone have experience attaching/applying an existing host profile to an ESX host using vCO?  Unfortunately there's no built-in actions or workflows, at least in vCO 4.1 (not running 4.1 U1 yet).  I'm new to this and need some help getting started - an example would be nice.

Here's how I'm applying the profile with params via PowerShell:

# Get the host profile variables for Hostname, VMK0 and VMK1 and assign them values
$additionalConfiguration = Apply-VMHostProfile -ApplyOnly -Profile $HostProfileObject -Entity $ESXHostObject -Confirm:$false
$additionalConfiguration["network.hostPortGroup[`"key-vim-profile-host-HostPortgroupProfile-$sVMK0Name`"].ipConfig.IpAddressPolicy.address"] = $sVMK0IP
$additionalConfiguration["network.hostPortGroup[`"key-vim-profile-host-HostPortgroupProfile-$sVMK0Name`"].ipConfig.IpAddressPolicy.subnetmask"] = $sVMK0SubnetMask
$additionalConfiguration["network.hostPortGroup[`"key-vim-profile-host-HostPortgroupProfile-$sVMK1Name`"].ipConfig.IpAddressPolicy.address"] = $sVMK1IP
$additionalConfiguration["network.hostPortGroup[`"key-vim-profile-host-HostPortgroupProfile-$sVMK1Name`"].ipConfig.IpAddressPolicy.subnetmask"] = $sVMK1SubnetMask
$additionalConfiguration["network.dnsConfig.HostNamePolicy.hostName"] = $ESXHostName
# Apply the Host Profile with the provided values
Apply-VMHostProfile -Profile $HostProfileObject -Entity $ESXHostObject -Variable $additionalConfiguration -Confirm:$false

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee


I'm not currently aware for such.

However, since you have the powershell you could use the SSH plugin to run this powershell through it.

See for reference:



Hope this helps


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