vCACCafe:CatalogItem vs vCACCafe:AdminCatalogItem

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So, i'm attempting to deploy a provisioning blueprint from an XaaS blueprint.  in 7.x, there is a built in action called requestCatalogItemWithProvisioningRequest, but it has an input of vCACCafe:CatalogItem. I don't have any catalog items that show up where it expects them to be. However, i do have catalog items that show up under the Administration folder, under Catalog Items, but it won't accept them because they are AdminCatalogItem type.

Anybody got any ideas what the difference is here and why my catalog items don't show up as regular catalog items in vRO?



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Is the parent VCACHost configured as "Shared Session" in sessionMode, or as "Per User Session?"

Does the user you are ultimately authenticating as have entitlements to those catalog items? If not (which I think is the case here), try entitling that user to the catalog items and refresh the inventory plugin.

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