vCAC 6.0.1 plugin upgrade fails leaving the install perpetually in the "perform installation and next server startup" state

I just tried upgrading the vCAC plugin on a 5.5.1 external windows based vCO server to the new 6.0.1 version of the plugin and it left my system in a half installed state.  It looks like it installed all of the actions and workflows but the "vCAC Infrastructure Administration" plugin perpetually stays in the "Will perform install on next server startup" state.  I also have residue left over from the previous plugin (attached is a screen shot).  I tried removing the .dar files and also removed the packages along with content but after doing so all of the workflows still showed up in the inventory.  I tried re-installing but it still left me in that state of being half installed.  I blew away the .dar files again and re-installed the 6.0 version of the plugin and it looks like I can at least use the system again but it is now polluted with workflows and actions from the 6.0.1 failed upgrade.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how to really clean out those failed plugins installations or am I going to have to completely blow away the database and start from scratch?  Has anyone else run into this?

PaulScreen Shot 2014-05-07 at 12.39.47 AM.png

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