mismatch been what vro api returns and what vcenter mob browser shows

I was using the vcenter MOB browser to help me find what I needed for host networking and whenI tried to use it it vro, the values I got didn't match what the MOB browser showed.

For a VcHostSystem called host I found what I wanted here:


I had 3 items in the MOB browser but when I ran a for each loop against it I was only getting two items. When I did a .length against it I was getting a value of 2 instead of 3.

I found the same proxySwitch via this path:


This network section seems to be about the same as the one above but using this version of proxySwitch I was getting my 3 objects and .length returned 3.

I thought that maybe I needed to trigger the refreshNetworkSystem() method to get the right info but that didn't help.

In the end I just changed to the config.network.proxySwitch path but why would I see the correct info in the MOB but vro returns only partial info? Is there a timer where I need to wait x number of minutes before I get the correct data?

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