get the vCloud:VM object for a VM in a vApp deployed from a vApp template


I have a workflow that runs the Instantiate a vApp template workflow to deploy a vApp to an Org, which is successful.   The workflow then needs to get the name of the VM that is in the vApp.  I tried using the getVappVms action and this did not return any VMs, and i have tried using the query service to return the VMs in a vApp a nd this too returns no VMs.  I checked the Instantiate a vApp template and at the end it does a vApp.updateInternalState() and i have also added an updateInternalState on the vApp before trying to get the list of VMs.

vCD is 8.10 and vRO is 7.01

What am I doing wrong?  Is i look in the inventory, the vApp is there and has a VM in it.  I did notice that it took a little time to display the vApp details, so i am assumng that they were not cached by the vRO server.  Is that not what the updateInternalState should do?



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