dynamic network selection in vRA blueprint

Hello Experts,

My use case is to build a vRA blueprint which provides user drop down ability to select existing NSX logical network while deploying.

Is there any vRO action workflow exist or package available to accomplish this task? Please it bit urgent

vRA version - 8.0

vSphere  -  6.7


Thanks in advance!!

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Was looking for something similar but could not find it. Have started to create my own sets of REST-API Actions based modules. Not ready for any type of sharing at this point.

But basically:

  • Get the bearer token to authenticate against the REST backend
  • Do a GET against either network-profiles or fabric-networks (part of the IAAS API)
  • Use a oData filter to filter on tags or names depending on what you want the list be about. $filter=name eq my-net  or maybe use contains depending on your naming convention.
  • Return the list a Properties object.
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