Workflow to Scan for Updates and Remediate VM's on a schedule

Morning all!

I've just completed installation of Orchestrator 4.1 in my environment (vSphere 4.0) after a day full of facepalms and tweaking to get the configuration correct, but I am now at the point where I'd like to investigate automating the process of Scanning for Updates, and then Remediating those updates. Within vCenter it's possible to schedule an Update Scan, but it didn't seem possible to schedule a Remediation (ex: Schedule a Scan for Updates at 3:45am on the 3rd Thursday of the month, followed by an automatic Remediation at 4:30am of that same day). After speaking with a few folks, they suggested I look into Orchestrator to do just that.

So now that I have Orchestrator installed and functional, I've come to the realization that the Orchestrator Workflow Developers Guide ( is 324 pages long. I'm here in hopes that someone has already worked out a workflow for doing a Scan/Remediate process on either Virtual Machines, ESX Hosts, or both - and that they wouldn't mind sharing their insight/wisdom/workflow with me.

Any thoughts or questions?



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Hi Mike,

you can use the VcHostPatchManager object to control the host.

It is not quite simple, cause you have to build your own Worflow for this. If I can grab a little time, I will blog an example on

Regards, Andreas

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