Webview apache error


I started the default Orchestrator webview and its working OK on internet explorer

I successfully created custom plug-in for the webview on the viClient

The login action, select and execute workflow working fine on the viClient

The problem is when I try to open the select box on the form for example to select VM

This should be open new window with a list of the VM's or the VC tree but i get the following error message:

Webview - An exception has occurred.

You may continue by restarting the session.


The webview with the URL folder 'vmo:ChooserTree' does not exist.

Attach the error log

Clicking the restarting link will restart the page of the new windows to the login stage

Please help

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I'm not very experienced with vCO webviews, but your log say's:

"The webview with the URL folder 'vmo:ChooserTree' does not exist."

Seems for me that a webview component is missing which references to the "vmo:ChooserTree"-object.

When you didn't need the the ChooserTree-Object remove the reference from your webview.

Have you copied parts from your webview from another vCO webview, then check if it helps copy additional parts.

Hope this helps a bit.


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