Use of Configuration Items within Workflow

This post mentions the idea of using Configuration Items that can be called in a Workflow in which I am obtaining the bearer token from vRA.

Do I set it up as 'vRACredentials' configured with attributes of 'username', 'password', tenant'?  In my attempt, it did not work for me.

I'm looking for any insight into how to accomplish this.

" Create inputs for username, password and tenant – for future use outside of this example, you might want to think about storing these as vRO Configuration Items instead." 


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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Yes, it is as simple as that - you create a new configuration element with some attributes, set the value of attributes, and then in all workflows where you want it to use it you just retrieve the value of a given attribute with scripting code something like:


where confEl is your ConfigurationElement object (which you can either receive as an input parameter of your workflow, or write some scripting code to find it by using its category path and name).

Could you provide more details on what exactly did not work for you?

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