Use an array of composite type in vRA as output

Author : mbanov

URL : http:////docs.vmware.com/en/vRealize-Orchestrator/7.3/com.vmware.vrealize.orchestrator-dev.doc/GUID-...

Topic Name : Define a Composite Type in a Foreach Element

Publication Name : Developing with VMware vRealize Orchestrator

Product/Version : vRealize Orchestrator/7.3

Question :

Hi folks,  we need to have a table as output, the only way we found out is to use composite type, this will be displayed in vRA as a table/map, containing the composite type sub-variables as column headers. Testing this with one composite type the table will be displayed correctly, so there will be one row containing the values of each sub-variable of the composite type.  As soon as we change the workflow output to array of composite type the display in vRA fails...  Is there a better way of creating a table output? Why is vRA not able to deal with an array of composite types when one works?

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