Third party plug-in configuration

Hi experts,

I'm working on automation code to install and configure AdcVCOPlugin plug-in which integrates Radware's VADI services with VMware.

Manual procedure is working well.

Now I want to turn this procedure to be fully automated.

The first part of install plugin and restart vRO was implemented pretty easy using  following vRealize Orchestrator REST API



The next step is about to apply AdcVCOPlugin plug-in configuration  ( configuration form is shown on attached screenshot ).

Once again, I would like to write code that do this for me, how can I achieve it?

I'd prefer REST API, but any advise is appreciated.




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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

First, plugin needs to update the way it is configured. Plugin should start using plugin API to preserve and retrieve its configuration. To achieve this plugin should expose workflows to be configured with. Look at other out-of-the-box plugins orchetrator is shipped with.

This is needed:

  • to make the plugin cluster aware - you will need just to configure plugin in one node and its configuration will be replicated to others.
  • The web configurator UI will be completely removed in next release and configuring plugin will be hard.
  • Workflows will allow automation of the configuration by standardized way

For current situation, you can examine HTTP requests/response in Web Configurator to capture what is needed to configure the plugin and do this by coding needed HTTP requests in yo script

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