Remove VMs from load balancer pools workflow does not give the expected result


I am using the vRo plugin for NSX and I managed to use successfully, the workflow "Add VMs to existing load balancer pools" but the workflow "Add VMs to existing load balancer pools" does not seem to work. I don't know what to put as format for the following inputs : "poolid" and "poolmembers".

I tried pultiple formats, each time the workflow ends successfullty but the members are still there in the pool.

The workflow does not have debug logs and the function used in the workflow do not return any output. So it is hard to troubleshoot this.

The documentation of the plugin does not state the format either : Remove VMs and Load Balancer Pools

I am using the following products versions :

vRO : 7.3.1

NSX : 6.4.0

NSX plugin : 1.1

Any help on how to solve or troubleshoot this would be appreciated.


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