Orchestrator workflow for snapshot deletion

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I have been assigned a urgent project in my company wherein we need to find a way to delete old snapshots of the VMs. I understand this is possible in many ways but it has been made complicated by rules which needs to be applied while deleting these snapshots. Of all the available options, I choose to go with the VMware Orchestrator.

I am very much new to this and If I have time, I can learn to create custom workflows but since the time is a constraint for me, I was hoping I could get some help here.

So here's our requirement,

Requirement:     Workflow to delete snapshots.

Rules:                 1) Delete only snapshots which are older than 21 days.

                            2) Delete all n+3 snapshots of a VM (For example, we are only allowing 3 snapshots for a VM. If there are more, we will need to delete the oldest of them, keeping only the 3 most recent snapshots)

                            3) This rule should only apply to a folder in the vCenter and not to all VMs.

                            4) Don't delete snapshots if they contain a specific word. (For example, ignore snapshots taken by Networker or Veeam)

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