Migration to VMWARE

I have few consideration migrating to VMWARE.

1. How do we auto provision large (100+) number of VMs based on the work load and shutdown when its not required

2. Centralized patch management for Windows servers

3. How do we ensure the templates are updated with latest windows patches

4. how to achieve DRS, SRM and HA with Local Drives.


Sankar S

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

  1. Consider a monitoring system such as vC OPs or similar - configure to send SNMP traps to vCO and have workflow(s) configured to listen for those traps and respond accordingly: IE: Clone new cluster node/power down node. See vCenter Operations integration with vCenter Orchestrator in 5 minutes or less | VMware vCenter Orche... for example.
  2. I think VMware Configuration Manager can help out with this. See vCO Package here:
  3. Same as number 2.
  4. Not sure, but perhaps by using VMware Storage Appliance??
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