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I am running VCO on SUSE linux and since moving to 5.5 I am receiving the following error when trying to generate expect scripts:

You are not authorized to execute local process, to enable this feature set your system property 'com.vmware.js.allow-local-process' to true

I have made the requested changes to the vmo.conf file and was looking at the changes suggested in vSphere Documentation Center but noticed they were windows specific.

Thank you for your input.

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On Linux the file is called vmo.properties, and should be located in /etc/vco/app-server, if I remember right.

The property to enter there is the same.

Don't forget to restart the service after you made the changes.



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Need your help. We have encountered an issue - "Not Authorized to execute the local process"  during execution of  a WF in vRO7.0.

In this WF, it is trying to execute the ‘Command’ scripting class in vRO 7.0 server. Since by default Orchestrator applications do not have permission to run the Command class, we are getting an-authorized error.

To resolve this issue we need to set the system property ‘com.vmware.js.allow-local-process=true’ to the ‘vmo.properties’ properties file of the vRO 7.0 Orchestrator server.

We have already set the property true to the properties file  under ‘/etc/vco/app-server’ folder and after that the Orchestrator services are restarted. But still we are getting the issue.

Another thing is that we are using vRO cluster machines, so we have set the true in both vmo.properties file on both servers.

Can you please help me how to resolve the issue ?

We followed the below link.




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