How to convert vclNatRule to vclNsxNatRule ?

Hello all,

I am working with vRO 7.5 with vCloud plugin 9.7.0. No NSX plugin installed.

I have to delete dedicated NAT rule from advanced gateway. To achieve this i want to use the native workflow "Delete a NAT rule [9:1]". This workflow requires a vCloud:NatRule object as input. When i display selected NAT rule object i found this :

[2020-07-30 09:53:39.784] [D] natRule=DynamicWrapper (Instance) : [VclNsxNatRule]-[class com.vmware.vmo.plugin.vsm.model.nat.NatRule] -- VALUE : com.vmware.vmo.plugin.vsm.model.nat.NatRule@56da0f0e

That indicates the object type is actually VclNsxNatRule.

I am able to get NAT rules from the gateway object but the returned type is VclNateRule.

  • Does it exist a convert function from VclNsxNatRule to VclNateRule ?

Thanks in advance for any reply. I have found a workaround that is working fine by using NSX REST API directly and not vRO plugins.

Best regards


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