How do you update VM networking through vRO?

I'm working on a workflow to migrate VRA managed VMs from old cluster to new cluster with NSX.

Tasks I need to complete is

  • add to new reservation.
  • update vra Extensible Attributes
  • migrate same vcenter, but new cluster with new datastore
  • update IP Address, GW, and Subnet mask

I found a past discussion regarding cross vcenter vmotion.  It appears that the workflow from https://vbombarded.wordpress.com/2018/03/20/cross-vcenter-vmotion-with-vrealize-orchestrator/ will do the migration. 

And I've already made workflows that update the EAs. 

But question is how to update the IP network config in the VM?

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I believe the IP configuration is a part of the OS, on Windows as well Linux. 

What about injecting the new variables via VMware Tools by using eg. Powershell and BASH?

It will work.

Maybe there are other options as well. 

Of course you will have to set the proper network / NSX configuration on the VM object it self prior the IP configuration (if different). 

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