Failing VMCA as Sub-CA registration because of vRO plugin ?

Hello all,

i was replacing certificates on my VC 6.7 latest with the option 2"

2. Replace VMCA Root certificate with Custom Signing  Certificate and replace all Certificates

VCSA was complaining , last line was:

Don't update service 3809d2e6-5353-47a4-b83d-d791dcb6173a

Get service 6c992a12-c2d3-4425-a169-0da25772f7d1_com.vmware.vco

Error while reverting certificate for store : MACHINE_SSL_CERT

Rollback Status : 0% Completed [Rollback operation failed]


2020-04-07T10:30:09.850Z ERROR certificate-manager 'lstool get' failed: 1

2020-04-07T10:30:09.850Z ERROR certificate-manager Error while performing Cert Replacement operation, please see /var/log/vmware/vmcad/certificate-manager.log for more information.

Error while performing rollback operation, please try Reset operation...

Has anyone seen this ? Am i doing something i was not supposed to ? not sure why this is happening. I have removed those 2 extensions from the VC, and tried again, and then it worked just fine. Not sure if it is me, or is this supposed to be like this ?

If anyone would shed some light on this i would be greatful.

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