Execute vRealize Orchestrator workflow imported in vCloud Director Service Library through API


I am trying to Execute vRealize Orchestrator workflow imported in Service Library from Tenant Portal using API.

API - Start Workflow Execution -> https://{api_host}/cloudapi/workflows/{workflowId}/executions

Workflow ID is the Service Library Item ID.

While executing the service from UI, all the custom parameters from vCloud director are added to the workflow if defined as input with the same name as a parameter name. But when trying to execute it through API, the custom parameter values are not getting assigned to the input parameters which are defined in the workflow, Instead the values are getting displayed separately with same name after the execution in Variables section. (Which are not usable in the Workflow).



Let me know, if anyone has experienced the same and have any suggestion or solution to this.

vCloud Director Version - 10.3

vRealize Orchestrator version - 8.3.0 

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I tried to use System.getContext() to fetch the values of those variables while running it both from Provider Portal and Tenant Portal. Doesn't work. Shows null



Mayank Goyal
vRO Engineer
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