Database connection error: Unknown DSN type SQL Server Native Client 11.0

While configuring VMware vCenter Orchestrator to use the vCenter Server database, the configuration of the database gives the error:

Cannot connect to jdbc:vdb:VCDB. Connection error was: Unknown DSN type for VCDB: type = SQL Server Native Client 11.0, driver = C:\Windows\system32\sqlncli11.dll

The SQL Server Native Client 11.0 driver is used in the System DSN ODBC connection to the vCenter Server database. vCenter Server runs fine and has no problems connecting to the database. The selected database type in vCO is: vDB. The DSN of the vCenter Server database is: VCDB.

Does anybody know how to solve this problem?

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Hi Robert,

just a thought if you vCenter server was installed via custom method vCO wasn't pre-installed same applies for vCO database schema and its tables...

So if you install vCO separately you must create new separate database or a new schema and also prepare tables then in configuration for Database type select "SQL server" or Oracle, PostgreSQL ...

Have you already create schema and tables for vCO?

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I ran into this issue.  All of my vCenter installs are done individually, component by component, so that I have more control of the paths and certificates.

I resolved this by uninstalling Orchestrator from Control Panel, and then just running the installer again.  It's located on the vCenter ISO, under the path \vCenter-Server\vCO

When you run the Orchestrator installer on its own, it seems to configure itself correctly.

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