Creating vRO 7.0.1 workflow for template patch maintenance and replicate the template to other vCenter servers


Could anyone please assist on below process

Currently we are in the process of creating vRO workflow for patch template maintenance and below are the steps configured so far.

Stage 1.

1. Locate the cloning template & custom specification file for template from the vCenter server

2. Place the VM on the vCenter server cluster group

3. Clone the VM and configured predefined hostname/IP, if its windows server joined to domain

4. Customized and power up the VM

5. Wait for VMware tools to be installed.

6. Apply patches if the server is windows.

The below process are not performed yet, please advise on the below steps

Stage 2.

1. Rename the original template

2. Convert VM to template

3. Convert the new VM to template with original name

4. Replicate the template to other vCenter servers and datacentres

I am stucked on the  "Replicate the template to other vCenter servers and datacentres" part

Kindly assist and advise on this.

Can some one help

Thanks in advance



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Hey Vick,

Your stage 1 is impressive, may i ask did you have links to the resources you used to achieve this or are you able to share your workflows? This is exactly what we are looking to do



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