Copy an AD user account template?

Hi All,

I'm interested in creating a AD user provisioning workflow. As part of that process, I would like to copy a template user account to create the new account. Has anyone else done this or have any tips on how I might achieve it?



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Hello Jake,

First of all, do you have the vCO plugging for Microsoft AD installed? If not, this is the first thing to do Smiley Wink

That plugin brings different out of the box workflows you could use for achieving this quite easily:

Library > Microsoft > Active Directory > User

Next thing to do would be to run one of these workflows and create an user (to test that it works as expected) for example the one called: create a user in a group.

If everything goes well, you can then star messing around with it and start converting any input parameter you wish to attribute and assign then a predefined value to build the template you are looking for.

I hope this helps.


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