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Configuring SSH plug-in

Could someone elaborate on what the 'note' (see below) means in the section titled Configure the SSH Plug-In in the vCenter Orchestrator Installation and Configuration Guide? I'm trying to get the SSH plug-in working, but it appears to fail during authentication.

Thanks for any insight you can provide.

Configure the SSH Plug-In

You can set up the SSH plug-in to ensure encrypted connections.


1. Log in to the Orchestrator configuration interface as vmware.

2. Click SSH.

3. Click New connection.

4. In the Host name text box, enter the host to access with SSH through Orchestrator.

NOTE: The username and password are not required because Orchestrator uses

the credentials of the currently logged-in user to run SSH commands. You must

reproduce the accounts you want to work on SSH on target hosts from the LDAP


5. Click Apply changes.

The host is added to the list of SSH connections.

6. (Optional) Configure an entry path on the server.

a. Click New root folder.

b. Enter the new path and click Apply changes.

The SSH host is available in the Inventory view of the Orchestrator smart client.

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Hi Brian,

It means that you need to configure the SSH host to accept connections from users with the Orchestrator LDAP credentials. Alternatively, you can use the sample SSH workflows to create new workflows. In the new workflows, you can specify the host, port, username, and password to connect to and then code the rest of the workflow as needed.

Hope this helps.


vCO documentation team

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I've made progress following your suggestion, Stuart. Thanks so far.

Previously I couldn't get the SSH plugin to do anything at all because it couldn't authenticate.

Now I can get the SSH plugin working partially, but now when I try to set an SSH:Folder variable, I can open the SSH plugin, and I can open the host. But when I try to see what's in the root folders on the host, I end up with the following error: Connection refused: connect

Anyone have any suggestions why I can't see the contents of the root folders?

Thanks in advance.

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I think there is connection problem between vCO and your SSH server. No idea if it's because the host (port?) cannot be reached or if the credentials are wrong. What connection scheme do you use on your remote sever?

The Host object is found because you have configured it. But if the remote server is shutdown, you'll get the same error.

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