Clone with customization - what workflow to use - what variable to use



I am trying to deploy a new Windows machine from a template. 

in vRA and manually I can specify "VM Customization Specifications" for my deployment, with out trouble

I have access to the VM Customization Specifications object in vRO via customizationSpecManager, but I simply cant figure out how to pass it to my Clone, Windows with multiple NICs and credential workflow. I dont see any variable which seems to take this object. 

Is it the wrong workflow I am using?

Or should I first deploy the VM for afterwards push it on top of the new VM?

Perferable is of couse that I can do it during the clone. 

Can anyone point me in the direction of what I do wrong. I have the feeling it is simple, but I simply cant figure it out. 


vRO 7.6

Please save my day!

‌‌Regards Kjeld 

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