Change content of a vmdk file


I copy a *.vmdk and *-flat.vmdk file using the copyDatastoreFile_Task method. During copy the file name gets changed also.

How can I change the content of the *.vmdk file to match the ne *-flat.vmdk name in the descriptor file?

I tried the File, FileReader and FileWriter Objects, but these seem to work with local files only.

Is there a way to either use FileReader/Writer with a file located on a datastore or to copy the *.vmdk file to the vCO server, manipulate it and then upload it to the vCenter?

Thanks for your help!


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Hi Irene,

It is not possible to change the contents of a .vmdk file. vmdk is disk file for a VM. You can browse and change the contents of the volumes in a disk of a VM using VDDK, by opening a disk in read-write mode and mounting the same on your local system. By just downloading the vmdk file, it is not possible to change the disk contents. Moreover, plug-in for VDDK in vCO does not exist presently and hence you wont be able to achieve the same using vCO.

I hope this answers your query!

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