vCloud Automation Center integration package

vCloud Automation Center integration package

NOTE: This package is not needed for vCAC 6.x + vCO 5.5 since it is has been incorporated into the vCAC plug-in that now ships with the embedded vCO Server of the vCAC 6 appliance.

This package contains workflows for converting virtual machine object types between vCenter Orchestrator and vCloud Automation Center. It is compatible with vCenter Orchestrator 5.1 and vCloud Automation Center 5.1.

It is recommended that you install this package if you are using vCloud Automation Center to execute vCenter Orchestrator workflows that have input or output parameters of type VC:VirtualMachine.

To install the workflows, download and import the package com.vmware.library.vcenter.vcac-integration.package. The following workflows are installed under Library > vCenter > Virtual Machine management > Others:
  * Get VM by name and Uuid
  * Get VM Uuid
No further configuration in vCenter Orchestrator is necessary.

For information about calling vCenter Orchestrator workflows from vCloud Automation Center, refer to the vCloud Automation Center Extensibility Guide.


Is this integration package needed for vCAC6.0 and vCO5.5? If yes, is above compatible with 5.5?

NO - it is not needed with vCAC 6.0 / vCO 5.5 since it ships pre-installed in the vCAC plug-in now Smiley Happy We keep the package here for those still using vCAC 5.x

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