Technical Preview Version of VMware vRealize Orchestrator Plug-In for VMware Update Manager 7.0

Technical Preview Version of VMware vRealize Orchestrator Plug-In for VMware Update Manager 7.0

Update Manager Plug-In Version 7.0.

  1. Plug-in is updated to support the following versions
  • VUM plug-in is updated to support vRealize Orchestrator version 7.6 Java client and UI, up to vRO version 8.6.2, except versions 8.4.0 and 8.4.1.  


    7.6 (Java client)













    VUM 7.0

    Note: In versions 8.4.0/8.4.1 you will not be able to create a patch baseline. 
  • VUM plug-in is updated to support vSphere API versions - 6.7, 7.0, 7.0 U1, 7.0 U2.
  • VUM plug-in is updated to support Update Manager API version 6.0 to 8.0. API version 8.0 is the latest vCenter 7.0 and API version 6.0 is vCenter 6.7.

2. What is new in the VUM plug-in

  • Export compliance report workflow - the "Save as at" field now has an updated file location: "/var/run/vco/". The compliance report will be exported at location "/data/vco/var/run/vco/" for vRO version 8.x and at "/var/run/vco/" for vRO version 7.x. 
  • VUM's EULA was changed to be the same as vRO's.
  • In order to use VUM plug-in in vRO 7.6, a mandatory prerequisite is to update the vSphere plug-in to version 7.x.
  • The Export compliance report workflow is only supported in vRO versions 7.6 (UI and Java client), 8.6.0 and 8.6.1. It will not work for all other versions.
  • Deprecated method getVirutalApplicaneBaselines/getVirutalApplianceBaselines in VumObjectManager
  • Deprecated method removeAllVcenterWithVum in VumObjectManager
  • Deprecated method registerVcenterInctencesWithVum in VumObjectManager
  • Deprecated method removeVcenterWithVum in VumObjectManager
  • Deprecated method removeVcenterInstancesWithVum in VumObjectManager
  • Substituted method getVirutalApplicaneBaselines/getVirutalApplianceBaselines for getVirtualApplianceBaselines in VumObjectManager
  • Deprecated workflow "Add and Set default vCenter with Update Manager"
  • Deprecated workflow "Remove All configured servers"
  • New "Set a default vCenter with Update Manager" workflow
  • Bug fixing in workflows.

3. New plug-in use case

The main configuration workflows "Add and Set default vCenter with Update Manager" and "Remove All configured servers" have been deprecated. In the previous plug-in version, you'd first have to first run the vSphere workflow Add a vCenter server instance, then run the VUM Add and Set default vCenter with Update Manager workflow to register a host with Update Manager. In this version, the second step is not necessary. By default, all vCenter hosts added through the vSphere plug-in can also be used with Update Manager and will appear in the drop down menu in all VUM workflows. And vice versa, if you remove a vCenter host through the vSphere plug-in, it will also be removed from Update Manager.

There is also a mandatory step that needs to be done if you have vCenter servers, prior to version 7, attached to vCenter plugin and that is to import a VUM server certificate for each one of them with vRO's "Import a certificate from URL" workflow. As input parameter you need to set vCenter's URL and append port 8084 (ex. https://<vcenter_ip>:8084)

The new Set a default vCenter with Update Manager workflow is optional if you work with the orchestrator through the application (mandatory if you use the REST API directly). If you only have a single host registered through the vSphere plug-in, it will automatically be set as default in Update Manager. If you choose to set a default host, it will be pre-selected in all workflows.  If you don't set a default host, you will have to select one every time.

4. Security

  • Patched for CVE-2021-45046

Will there ever be a version of the plugin that is compatible with VUM 6.7?

Remediation doesn't work with 6.7 VUM. Tried the sample "Remediation" workflow and I always get this error -

com.vmware.vim.vmomi.client.exception.VmomiProtocolException: com.vmware.vim.vmomi.core.exception.UnmarshallException: Type 'HostRemediationScheduleOption' contains unrecognized property 'enableLoadEsx' (Workflow:Remediate / Remediate (item0)#12758)

Hi guys,

we have updated the plugin and you can see all the details in the description above.



VUM plugin team

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