vrops 6.2 horizon reports not available

I am running vrops 6.2 with horizon but when i go to content/reports

I do not see any reports related to horizon view

any idea?

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Hi tdubb, maybe we can collaborate. I am also running vROPs 6.2 with Horizon View adapter 6.2.

What version of View adapter are you running?

There should be some default report related to View, my current issue on my view vROps is that it is not logging me in, it is stuck on Authenticating. Issue just happened today.

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3x vROps Environments implemented across my organization. VDI vROPs 8.4 ::: Epic vROPs 8.4 ::: Shared vROPs 7.0
vROPs Adapters in use: EpicCare & Horizon View Adapter 2.1
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