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[vROps] Tags list

Hi, everyone.

I need a dashboard that let me see a list of all the tags in my vCenter infrastructure (as self provider) and make an interaction with another widget.

For example: A widget that let me see all the tags, and when I select one of them, another widget lists the VMs with that specific tag

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There is no easy way to do this i am afraid

vrops is object orientated, VMs, Hosts, Clusters etc so all dashboards must start with and can only list objects in the first column. As tags are a property of an object they cant be the first column.

There is a way but depending on how many tags you have this could be a pain.

  1. Create a group type to consolidate point 2 ( called vsphere tags or something you want)
  2. Create a custom group for each tag and use the tag name as the membership rule and use point ones group type for all groups.
  3. create your dashboard and use an object list and in the filter expand object type and select the group type you created in point 1. ( this will show you all the custom groups you added to the group type ie tag names)
  4. create a second object list or a list view (list view is always better as long as you dont need to use it as a source for an interaction. Newer version of vrops are making this work better) with the data you want to show using the vm metrics. before you close it select child from the mode drop down
  5. Do the widget interactions

That should do what you need

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