vROps 6.0 Internal Error in vSphere Web Client


maybe someone has a hint for me, what I should do.

I have two vCenter Servers connected to my vSphere Web Client. Now I deployed a vROps 6.0 appliance into one of these two clusters. vROps runs fine but I have an issue using the vSphere Web Client.

As long as I browse objects health status related to one vCenter everything is OK, but when I choose a object from the second vCenter I receive a message that an internal error has occurred.


After I browse some additional objects from the second vCenter the problem goes away and I can see the statistics. But than, when I switch to the first vCenter the issue appears again,

so I have to browse objects for some seconds (10-30) until everything is ok.

Can anybody help?

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What version/build# are both web clients (5.5 U1,etc)?, Has vR Ops v5.x ever been installed on either of these vCenters?, Is vR Ops v5.x currently running in parallel with vR Ops v6 on these vCenters?,

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Hi Adrian,

I understand it's been a year since you posted this, but did you ever find a solution? What is the server make, model, firmware?

I'm also converting the screenshots to text so it can show up in a Google search.

“An internal error occurred. Try refreshing your browser. If the problem persists, contact VMware Support Services.”

com.vmware.ops.api.client.exceptions.ServerException: API call failed, reason = Internal Server Error


Log into the vROPs UI

Click on Administration > Solutions.

In the Solutions window (main tab, up top) select the VMware vSphere solution and click the gear icon to configure

In the Manage Solution - VMware vSphere window that pops up, select the vCenter Adapter configured that is having the issue

Click on 'Manage Registrations' button. Enter in the username and password of an account that has administrator priviliges in vCenter and click register.

Assuming all is good, it will pop up with vCenter Server registered successfully. vCenter Server users can access vRealize Operations Manager information from vSphere Client and vSphere Web Client.

Close and re-open your web browser and log in to vSphere Web Client again, and all the dashboard and vROPs data should now be visible without error.

Good luck Smiley Happy

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