vROPs 6.2 VM Tags gone

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vROPs 6.1 had all my VM tags and was working great.  I used the tags to label VM's by customer and generated a report for billing using the tags so billing could verify the VM configuration matched the invoices.  (I know, Chargeback Manager, don't ask).  Then I upgraded to 6.2 and vSphere Tags (Summary|vSphere Tag) is missing as well as # of Hard Disks.


I inherited vROPs and have been doing in-place upgrades using the method in the release notes to download the PAK files etc.

11/12/2015 06:59:20 PM logbuildversion Build Version: VMware vCenter Operations Manager 6.1.0 Build 3037951

01/29/2016 05:22:13 PM logbuildversion Build Version: VMware vCenter Operations Manager 6.2.0 Build 3445399

02/11/2016 12:22:26 PM logbuildversion Build Version: VMware vCenter Operations Manager 6.2.0 Build 3528867

Two vCenters monitored by vROPs.  One version 6.0 build 3339083 and the other 5.5 build 1945274 (don't ask)

19 hosts (ESXi versions 5.0, 5.1, majority 5.5, a couple 6.0 U1a testing)

About 215 active VM's depending on the day.

Troubleshooting & Symptoms:

the VMs with tags are on the vCenter 6 environment running on 10 hosts with 3 different versions of ESXi 5.5-2302651, 5.5-3248547 & 6.0-3380124

The report does not show the tags so this eliminates any browser issues from the equation.

I tried waiting longer to see if the data just had to be re-populated.

I validated that the vSphere Adapters were still registered and working. 

Changes made that are reflected in the same report such as vCPU assignments and vRAM assignments update in a reasonable amount of time so data is being pulled from the virtual machines successfully.

I found this thread: Re: Not seeing vSphere tags when creating custom groups in vROps

I have both rebooted the appliance & double-check the policies are set to collect the vSphere tags

I validated the tags are still on the VMs in question according to vCenter

I tried to create a group using tags and like the user in the forum, "load more" does not bring up any tags

I tried creating a whole new view but using "vSphere World" for the sample data had the same result.

I'm not seeing anything shocking in any of the collector logs. 

Any other ideas or thoughts besides opening a case with support?


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Also in the case where you use vSphere administrator account: the key is to stop and start vSphere adapter in vR Ops after configuring vSphere tags in 6.x. I was using administrator, waiting for hours... as soon as the adapter was restarted the tags appeared.

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