vROPS and SRM capacity planning?

Hi, the vROPS capacity planner is great but I can't for the life of me find out how to or if it's possible to account for SRM placeholder resources when doing "what-if" scenarios.  As far as I can see vROPS will account for HA failover capacity in a cluster which is good.

For example Cluster 1 has 500GB of free memory capacity and can run another X number of machines. However it is not aware that we have a (400GB) SRM placeholder VM on that cluster.

Obviously if I build X number of machines I can't start my SRM failover and my DR is invalid. 

Can anyone confirm or help on this? Seem to be a fundamental flaw that kind of makes capacity planning in vROPS useless? I have to revert to calculating the capacity manually?

Thanks in advance and kind regards



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