vROPS Tenant App for vCloud Director - enable plugin access via api or script.


We have got vCloud 10, vRO 7.6, vROPs 8.0.1 and Tenant App 2.3.

I have to create workflow in vRO that creates Organization in vCloud (this is simple), but additional requirement is that I need to enable newly created organization in vROPS Tenant App. This is easy from GUI (just changing one switch in Tenant App ->Administration -> Access Management and change for Enable - see the printscreen below), but when it comes to create workflow I got issue. 

I have not found any information how to enable organizatation in Tenant App via script or API.

Do you know how to do it?

Or maybe you have any documentation on that matter?

Thanks a lot for any suggestions.


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I have not worked with the Tenant App for a long time. But you can have a look at these tho Blog Posts to get started with both API Types the Tenant App offeres.

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