vROPS 8.x telegraf vs. ePOPS

I'm trying to determine the right route to take with my deployment. ePOPS vs. telegraf. I need someone to confirm a few things.


1. Is it correct that the telegraf agent is only available for virtual machines? It seems its deployed to VMs through the application monitoring portion of the product and through Application Remote Collector and when I look in the software portal I can only download the ePOPS agent for direct installation. So I am assuming that at this time the telegraf / Application Remote Collector agent is only for vSphere VMs?


2. It appears that I can not deploy adapters to the application remote collector agents? When I go to deploy an adapter my Application Remote Collector (ARC) isn't listed, so I am assuming at this time the ARC and legacy remote collectors still serve distinct purposes?

Thanks in advance, I've scoured the documentation and blogs and can't seem to find the answer(s).

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Hot Shot
Hot Shot


Yep Telegraf is only for VMs.

Check out this blog post to know all you need to know about Telegraf:


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