vROM 8.x Collector install "Failed to start LSB: Guest OS Initialization Script"

Hi Network,

Have a Master, Replica HA install. Wanted to add a Collector VM, and at the initial start I have the error:

"Failed to start LSB: Guest OS Initialization Script", after the 5min 1x sec period.

When I check the status pf the vaos.service, it says failed Result: timeout.

I van not reach or ping the VM.

But when I am logging in the VM I can ping out from it.

Any help is welcome.

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Hi @TDomper 

Looks like the network config failed.  I'd try to deploy new collector =>

Can't find KB for vROps but other VMware appliances have similar issues with vaos.service => ;

If redeploying will not help I'd recommend to open case with VMware support.



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