vCenter Server licensing question

I currently have (3) licensed 4.0 vCenter Servers, and need to decommission 1 for relocation to another data center. From viewing the online documentation I have found the following:


1 If you are uninstalling the vCenter Server, unlicense the vCenter Server and the hosts, and remove the

license keys from the license inventory.

2 If you are uninstalling the vCenter Server, remove the hosts from the Hosts and Clusters inventory.

3 As Administrator on the Microsoft Windows system, select Start > Settings > Control Panel >

Add/Remove Programs.

4 Select the component to remove from the list and click Remove.

5 Click Yes to confirm that you want to remove the program and click Finish

The vCenter server currently has no HOST's assigned to it, but I am having difficulty removing the License Key from the  vCenter Server to be decommissioned.

What would the best practice or recommended procedure be to remove this license from my environment?

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Hi Macphepr,

If you need to remove the old vCenter and install a new one, simply stop the old server and register the license key to the new machine. It is not really necessary to unregister the license key. The new server will not check whether this license is already used. The license agreement imposes to register this license to a single server at a time.

Good luck.



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