"Not Exiting" objects and alerts not showing

We had an issue with a host losing connectivity to the vCenter server over this weekend. I have confirmed the host was removed and re-added within vCenter.

When looking in vROps, I am seeing 2 objects for the host and 2 objects for the local datastore. One set of objects are set to "Not Exisiting" due to the removal of the host from vCenter. The other set is collecting/receiving metrics. I believe this is the correct process for vROps as it no longer saw the original object and removed it, then created a new object when it saw it in vCenter.

When I try and view the alerts to see if we received the "Host has lost connection to vCenter" alert, I am not able to as this object is "Not Existing". All I can see for this object are the metrics, which does not tell me if we did or did not receive that alert.

We have our Global settings set to retain deleted objects for 72 hours, the Object History for 300 days, and Symptoms/Alerts for 90 days.

I have been playing around with the API/PowerCli commands, but I am no expert, far from it.

I have been using Postman to try some of the API commands out, but I am not find the exact command to retrieve this information. I have also been looking/reviewing some blogs from:



Straight-Up Flying with the vRealize Operations REST API - VMware Cloud Management

But I have been able find anything definitive, possibly due my lack of skills with API/PowerCLI.

Question: Is there a way to pull this information via the API/PowerCLI commands to see if we did receive that alert for that host object? Anyway to get historical data of a "Not Existing" object in vROps? Surely there should be something available that can aid me in this process?

We are using a Standard license, so I am unable to create a report, and not sure if I can create a report for an object that is "Not Existing".


Not Exisiting Object:

Not Existing kcsanesx203.png

Thanks for any and all help!

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