"Cluster or Host Capacity Usage" in VROPS vs VSOM

Hi team,

We have an environment with both vRealize Operations Manager and vCenter Operations Manager, on VSOM we used to report our environment on the following report:

Planning > Views > Cluster or Host Capacity Usage

This would allow us to report daily, weelky or monthly on several key components (vcpu, CPU usage, RAM, Network, etc) all at once, and we could use both charts and tabled data:

View selection:


Table view, in "Monthly" intervals


Chart View, in "Monthly" intervals


I have analysed all that I could in the vROPS but I just cannot find a similar summary / trend elsewhere, I only find individual, non-dynamic charts, so I am starting to wonder if this is even possible to get anymore..


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It's not identical in terms of the way it looks, but you should be able to see the same forecasting under the Analysis tab --> Capacity Remaining and/or Time Remaining.

If that isn't what you are looking for, try the Details tab, which contains many "views".  In the image below they are filtered by Trend based views.  You can also create your own from the Content section, and also use those views to create reports.


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