list applications running in datacenter

We group our servers in custom groups, which we use in application tiers. As such applications are built on vm naming conventions and vm locations.

Now I would like to show in a widget all applications that run in a datacenter (on vms that are descendants of the Datacenter vsphere object). 

The issue arises because vms are best case grandchildren of the datacenter object, and the applications are grand-grandparents of the vms (vm/function/tier/application) in another tree – on top in best case I don’t want to show the vms, I just show the datacenter and the linked application.

These ‘solutions’ did not work out for some reason or another:

  • Using the custom group to put a custom property. It’s a lot of administration, error prone,  and it does not allow a ‘click through’ to the application object summary page, which we require. On top there are groups per tier, not per application.
  • Using ‘advanced’object relationship does not allow me to skip steps (cannot show grandparents but not parents), so it shows as a large mess
  • A (list/summary/distribution) view also wants to show all vms

The best I came up with is a list view on child vms, grouped by application. Unfortunately it seems not possible to filter objects that have no group.

If anyone has any ideas on how to tackle this, I would be very happy 🙂

thanks already!

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Are you using vSphere tags ? It sounds like leveraging tags will let you produce a view in vROPs



It's difficult to visualize what you are trying to accomplish  - maybe a diagram would help. 

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

1. Create an object list and filter it to only Object Type > Datacenter

2. You said yours apps are seperated from "VM naming convention and vm locations".  You can create a view for each group.  First view lets say SQL VMs, you would put filter of VM name contains SQL. 2nd View would be VM name contains VRA.  Create more as needed

3. Now do an interaction and point Datacenter to those two views and save the dashboard.

4. Click on a Datacenter and it will automatically show you which apps have SQL, which apps are vRA etc.

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