Vrops agent debugging logs

We are facing different issues in different VMs where we are trying to setup OS and application monitoring and remote checks(http checks)

However some or the other thing metioned above is failing in all VMs.for e.g. IIS monitoring is saying no data, or Http check is saying no data.

We are unable  find any log for the same in Windows Event viewer. 

We search for all files with .log extension in %SystemDrive%\Vmware\UCP but nothing useful found there.

Where are the logs for vrops components installed in the VM like ucp-telegraf, ucp-minion, salt, uaf  etc located.

Which component is responsible yo write the app monitoring settings to telegraf.conf

Do we need to do some additional settings to get additional logs on the VMs to debug issues.

Pluginerrordetails.log is empty in all VMs. ucp-minion.log also dosent have much details.

The http checks are getting saved in UI but not getting written telegraf.conf... one such example. How do we find the exact reason on why its is npt getting written such as OS permission issues etc

When we save the http checks some files are being modified in the Vmware Ucp directory.. where can we find the log of the changes.

If the UCP agent components are unable to connect to some ARC server or vcentre where wil those logs be available.




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