Vrops Remote http checks not working saying no data




We are trying to setup http remote checks from the UI for 5-6 VMs. The HTTP checks are failing for all VMs the url is proper


Agent is running on the vms. I checked windows os firewall outbound rules are added during installation automatically. Connection is established with arc in netstat on few ports

The check detail is not being written to telegraf.conf file however it is being written to "telegraf" file the one without extension. We found that using telegraf extract config.

Are http remote checks done by telegraf or some other component ?

Th http checks are going red saying "No data"


Please help as the issue is coming for all VMs in vrops 8.2 . We upgraded from 7.5 earlier also they were not working anyways

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Since you are on vROPS 8.2, use the ping adapter instead.  Much easier and agent less.

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