VMware vRealize PING management pack

This might be an easy one, but its not obvious to me.

In 8.2 the VMware vRealize Ping adapter, I have started to set this up.

The Connect Information is as follows

Unique Name - for the instance

Address List - list of comma separated values, etc

Configuration File Name -

It seems that i am supposed to create an xml file in a specific format and store this somewhere.

It mentions to follow the .xml format listed under ADMINISTRATION > Metric Configuration > SolutionConfig and use the ping_adapter_config as the template

I have read the documentation and its not clear to me where this file should be stored once created?

Should this be put on the appliance itself? or can this be referenced from the metric configurations section?

Probally an easy one for someone that has done this before.

Configuring VMware vRealize Ping Adapter Instances

Configuration Filename

Specify the name of the configuration file. The configuration file contains the IP addresses, Cedar information, and FQDN details as a comma-separated file.

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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

Hi Scott Thomson,

I don't think you are required to apply that XML file. I did the setup of the MP a while ago without the XML file.

But if you want to use a XML file, you create it under the location you posted. Just hit the "3 horizontal dots" and hit the add button. Name the file, you will use the name while configuring the MP. The right side of the page is where you enter your values.


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