VCops 5 VApp Backup and Restore

I'm trying to deploy and test a backup stategy for the VCOPs 5 Vapp.

I'm struggling to find any VMWare documentation on how to do this and what is "supported" I have found some documentation telling me how to backup and restore the "installable" but not the VApp. So....

1. Does anybody have any pointers to documentation regarding this.

2. Does anybody know if I can simply use the same "VM Image" based backup solution (In our case Symantec Netbackup) for this VApp or is this going to give me Non Quiesced DB issues when I attempt a restore?

Any help in this area greatly appreciated.


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I also want to know this. (We are using Simpana Commvault.)

Many thanks!

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You'd want to do a VM-level backup using pre- and post- scripts. You want to ensure the database is consisistant, so a pre- script needs to run to stop the services prior to the backup.

The pre script would:

Sudo to the admin user .. "sudo su - admin", and run "vcops-admin stop"

The post script would:

Sudo to the admin user .. "sudo su - admin", and run "vcops-admin start"

If you wanted to do a one-off backup and not automate this, just stop the services using the GUI in the /admin page.

On start/stopping the services, you'll run the pre- and post- from the UI VM, as the Analysis VM won't let you run these vcops-admin commands.. the UI will stop and start the services on both UI and Analysis VMs for you. After you run this command, all of the vCOps services will be stopped except for the admin web service. So, you'll run the pre- script, back-up both VMs, then run the post- script.

If you wanted to backup the specific components and the DBs seperately, follow the admin guide:


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