Updating Vcenter connection information?

Hi there,

How do I go about changing the vcenter connection details?  When I started running the trial a few weeks back i mistakenly used my AD connection detail to talk to vcenter and I had to change my password.  Of course this has led to operations stopping collecting information.

I cannot find anywhere to change the details.  Anyone any ideas?

I need to get the service back up and running before my trial expires.


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Hi All,

Apologies, just discovered the answer in the help file of all places!

You must log in to the vCenter Operations Standard Administration page. The URL format is http://<IP>/adminMain.action where IP is the IP address of the vCenter Operations Standard server.
Click the Setup tab.
In the Name text box, type a descriptive name to use for the vCenter Server host in the vCenter Operations Standard Infrastructure view.
This name is for your reference when you monitor the vCenter Server host with vCenter Operations Standard and does not affect the object in the actual virtual infrastructure.
In the Host IP text box, type the IP address or fully qualified domain name of the vCenter Server host to monitor.
In the User Name and Password text box, type the credentials for vCenter Operations Standard to use when connecting to the vCenter Server host.
The user you provide must have sufficient privileges to read all VMware inventory objects. For secur...reasons, the password does not appear, so take care to type it correctly.
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