VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Sharing Executive Dashboard. Could also be a NOC dashboard as well

What is monitors?



  1. Inventory
    1. vCenters, Host, Clusters
    2. Datastores
    3. VMs (Powered On, Powered Off, VM to host ratio)
  2. Cluster Capacity Remaining
  3. Capacity Growth in the past 6 months

Infrastructure Health

  1. Host high in CPU usage %
  2. Host high in Memory usage %
  3. Host that are down
  4. Datastores out of space
  5. Datastores with disk latency
  6. Clusters with HA/DRS turned Off

VM Health

  1. C: Drive low space
  2. Root Drive low space
  3. Disconnected VMs


Also check out the Healthchecker dashboard.  It is the most downloaded vROPs Dashboard.






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