Replication information is not displayed... HELP ME

Hi, all.

I'm using vSphere repllication and also using vROPs.

I wanna see information about replication in vROPs, but it does not display.



vROPs 7.5

Replication 8.2

vROPs management pack for Replication 8.2


I have viewed the KB above and tried to configure it, but the dashboard does not display any information.


Could not find any of the.png


The vradapter was installed successfully, and the connection test was successful.
The 8043 port of the replication server was also accessible from the vROPs server.
Data reception is also indicated as normal.
Data receiving.pngvr 어댑터 설정.png
Is there anything I'm missing?
Googling isn't helping anymore... Please, help me ; (
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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

First thing I would do is to see if the adapter is collecting anything.  Go to Environment tab.  Scroll to bottom and select All Objects.  Then expand the vSphere Replication adapter and expand every field possible.  See if objects show up in those fields.  If you multiple objects show up when you expand all the fields, the adapter is working.


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