No Data Available - vSphere Canned Reports vRealize Ops 6.3

For some reason some of our dashboards show No Data Available but not all the vSphere canned reports do this, the following show no data:

  1. vSphere Hosts Overview
  2. vSphere VM Memory
  3. vSphere MVs CPU
  4. vSphere VMs Disk and Network
  5. vSPhere Datastores

Some of the canned reports do show data:

  1. vSphere Clusters
  2. vSphere Host Configuration Summary
  3. vSphere Cluster Configuration

Not sure why, I have created custom policies to exclude Dev/Test equipment but the devices in question are a part of the associated devices. This was previously working, I think it might have changed when I updated policies, but again when I look at associated objects for the policy all the items for VMWare is in there.

I haven't done any updates or changes to plugins i've mainly been tuning alerts as we get a lot of white noise.

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