New to Vcop

Hi Guys

I am new to vcop

I gone tho the vedeos for the trng, this looks so simple

But I would like to know below

1. Generating useful reports like VMs that are eating up lost of resouces over a month, datastore consumptiosn & latency ... basically all good reports which I can pull & report them in xls & graphs.

Also I do not want to set these every now & then.. would love "pre-defind or customized" quaries which will pull it for me

2. How can I set the smtp/snmp setup for say alerts on my Hosts

3. Does anyone know what is the cost for license ? I read it $125 per each VM in enterprise level

How will they track it ? so does that mean i will buy it for 500 VM in advance ?

4. Any more good links for the vedio trng pls share .. the only two on the home page for this comminity are good but not covering all major aspect

5. How to monitor the Vcops itself ?

6. One last silly Q .. in my env I found lots of alerts for VM consuming more CPU .. when i setup a VM for fixed resouce how come it confumes say 110% CPU ...or its just the demand ?



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