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MPSD 7 & vROPs 7 - Doesnt Seem to Install Correctly

Greetings all--

So back in November, VMware dropped a new (rewritten, not upgraded according to their release notes) version of the Management Pack for Storage Devices and per the site & release notes, supposedly fully support vROPs 7 Advanced (which is what I have).

So, after combing through the admin guide & release notes, I downloaded it and installed in my lab.  The install seemed to go fine with no errors that I could see.  I added my lab vcenter connection to the MPSD Adapter instance and waited a few cycles.  After browsing the host inventory and looking at a host's properties, I can see the new Storage Controller > Configuration Properties category as expected; however, when trying to view the properties, it looks like they are all jacked up.

For one, not all the properties are there as defined in the user guide (for instance, Port State or Support Port Speeds).  For two, the handful that are there aren't actually labeled the way the User Guide says they are (ie, instead of showing as "Driver Name", it just shows as "driver".  And for three-- if I go into the Policy, it don't see any of the metrics or properties that DO show up, but I can see the Adapter Type/Object Types.

All very strange.  I tried the install a few times-- checking the RESET & Install even if already there options.  Reverted the snapshot and tried again... Tried taking cluster offline/ rebooting gracefully, bringing back online clean... etc..etc..  Nothing seems to work.  Each time it goes through its install as if it went perfectly fine; yet, the metrics and properties are clearly not lining up with the admin guide.

I'm about to open an SR but was curious if anyone else has seen this?


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