Inherited Alerts

What is the difference between the two types of Inherited states for an alert? One has a check-mark and the other a circled-slash.


I have a number of alerts in the Inherited circled-slash state. These alerts seem to be non-functional. I want to make them functional. How do I do that? There isn't an option to change them to the check-mark version of the Inherited state, only two local options.


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This also confused me when I first started using vROps.

Inherited with a tick = this alert is enabled via another policy that this policy is inheriting

Inherited with a circle cross = this alert is disabled via another policy that this policy is inheriting

If you want to enable or disable the alert via the current policy that you are editing (instead of relying on one of the parent policies to set it), you can change to "Local tick" (will enable it in local policy) or "Local with circle cross" (will disable it in local policy)

Let us know if you have any followup questions

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